The Resonance Collective is simple! We are a collective of creative believers, who operate in the apostolic gifts of the Holy Spirit, and want nothing other than to bring glory through worship, to the One who's seated on the throne forever and ever!! 

Our focus is using our creative gifts, in collaboration, to bring forth new sounds and visual representations that will reflect Jesus in our own unique ways. This includes expression through music, fashion, architecture, writing, visual arts, graphic arts, photography, videography, and many other forms of creativity.  We believe that in our worship through creative expression, the sick will be healed, the demon afflicted will be delivered, and chains will be broken off in the spirit; bringing forth revival that will be sustained through generations!!

So how did we get here? The vision was birthed through a handful of young adults, whose hearts were melded together in love and unity, as they led worship at our local church in Ashland, Virginia. In an act of obedience to the Lord, they began to take steps into what it means to "sing unto the Lord a new song". A music studio was formed from a storage closet in their church, and the vision began to take part. From the storage closet studio became a larger vision to incorporate not just music, but a multi-faceted creative offering to the Lord in an estate that is conducive to the collaboration of creatives in tandem with heaven and one another. 

Since the birth of our vision in 2022, the Lord has continually blown our mind with provision, LIKE GIVING US A HOUSE (our estate for now), and DOUBLING our numbers as well as bringing in creatives who are PASSIONATE for the Lord. 

Stay on the look out for new content coming from all of us regularly, and thank you endlessly for supporting and caring about the dream and vision we are working towards :)